Frequently Asked Questions

What's your mission?

Our mission is to help people live healthier and happier lives and by extension lessen the burden on those stakeholders financially, clinically or personally at risk for their care.

Do you have a core focus?

Our tools were designed to support small, private teams in helping patients or at-risk individuals across the broad spectrum of health conditions. Those caring for the elderly, children, people with chronic diseases and mental health issues find our tools particularly helpful.

Is my information held confidential?

Absolutely! And we'd make three key points to strengthen this statement.

First, when you start a "Care Team," which is central to our model of family-centric caregiving, we suggest you NOT name it specifically after the person you're supporting. You and the people invited onto your team already know who that person is. You might consider naming your team after an attribute those on the team will recognize, like "VT Baseball Lover."

Second, when you register in MyHealth.Group you don't need to use your real name. You're welcome to, but it's not required. So while we never share this information, if you're still worried you're welcome to use a fictitious name so that concern is removed entirely. We do not, however allow inappropriate names and reserve the right to shut down accounts of this sort.

Third, when we bill for a paid service. we never store credit card information. That information goes directly through to the credit card processing service.

Is MyHealth.Group HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA is a very important set of Federal guidelines relating to how a "Covered Entity" deals with patient data. While we are not a Covered Entity (nor what is termed a Business Associate of a Covered Entity) we nonetheless do follow HIPAA Security and Privacy guidelines.

What are the main elements of your solution?

We provide:

  1. Private, patient-centric collaboration spaces (i.e. "Care Teams") with features that enable support teams to work effectively together
  2. An electronic health record that is permissions controlled
  3. Integrated real time communications in the form of video conferencing
  4. Support forums so users have a great experience possible

Does the app run on both Apple and Android?

Yes, though it was initially released on iPhones and iPads with Android following shortly thereafter.

Do you work with institutions that touch many people?

Yes. We work with organizations that like to innovate and believe that if you arm individuals and families with better tools then outcomes (clinical, organization and financial) improve.

What features are particularly important for patient-centric teams?

Our app and online portal provide a number of key capabilities, including:

  • Security: Patients (or their agents) control of who’s involved and assign responsibility
  • Electronic Health Record: So individual clinical and background data can be maintained at a reasonably deep level
  • Drug List: Users easily create/modify their Rx list — transparency reduces confusion & errors
  • Drug Information: Mobile and web access to real time information on 53,000 NIH listed drugs
  • Calendars: Activities are added to a central calendar for visibility by all team members
  • Reminders: Mobile and email alerts remind everyone what events are coming up
  • Videos: Mobile and web access to videos consistent with the patient’s treatment regimen
  • Check-In: Patients and caregivers “checking-in” insures activity is taking place
  • Issue Tracking: Issues are captured, assigned and managed. Fewer balls get dropped
  • Personal Information: Information is easily added, updated and available anywhere-anytime
  • Monitoring: In concert with institutions, activity can be monitored to assure compliance